by Alina Marazzi

35mm, color-b/w, 81’, 2007

coproduction with Mir Cinematografica, Rai Cinema / Cult Fox Channels Italy, RTSI-Televisione svizzera, Yle Teema Ateljee

original version : Italian

subtitles : English, French-German

Premiere Locarno Film Festival 2007 – Piazza Grande / Awards: Nomination David di Donatello 2008: Best Documentary. Festival Selections: London Film Festival, IDFA Amsterdam, Torino Film Festival, Filmaker Doc Milan, Seattle International Film Festival, Feminale Women’s Film Festival, Festival dei Popoli Florence, Bergamo Film Meeting, DokFest Munich, Annecy Cinema Italien, Rome International Film Festival, Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt, New York Documentary Film Festival, Genova Film Festival

VOGLIAMO ANCHE LE ROSE aims to portray the deep change brought on by the sexual revolution and the feminist movement in Italy during the 1960s and 1970s. The film looks again at recent events from a female point of view, through the first-hand accounts provided by the diaries of three women. Anita, Teresa and Valentina come from different Italian regions and different social backgrounds, but share the same feelings: they no longer feel part of a society based on the patriarchal family, on the power of “husbands” and on the supremacy of males, which requires them to be efficient mothers, obedient wives and virtuous daughters. The Italy in which these stories are unfolded is not as distant in time as it may seem, and its cultural and social conquests not as firmly rooted as one would think. By focusing on the battle for women’s rights in Italy, the film addresses the struggles for equal rights worldwide, past and present, in the belief that no battle won can be taken for granted forever.