by Alexander J. Seiler

35mm, 107', color, 2002

coproduction with TSI-Televisione svizzera

original version: Swiss-German, Italian

subtitles: Italian, French, German

Awards: Swiss Quality Award 2002. Festival Selections: Visions du Réel, Nyon, Competition - IDFA Amsterdam, Docs for sale

Forty years after “Siamo italiani”, the author devotes himself to several of the “foreign workers” who flocked to Switzerland from southern Italy. The young couples of that period have retired and are now back in their homeland Apulia, enjoying the fruits of their working days abroad – while yearning for the visits of their children who live in Switzerland. It is not only the second generation Italians in Switzerland who feel as if they are “half-Swiss, half-Italian”: some of the former migrants, though they have returned to Apulia, find that in their thoughts they are “still in Switzerland”. “I am constantly missing something”, says 40- year old Anna. “Distance and desire tear at the heart” – is how 65- year old Tonuccio sums up the migrant's lives.