by Zijad Ibrahimovic

Digital Betacam, color / b&w, 52’, 2009

coproduction with RSI-Radiotelevisione svizzera

original version: Italian

subtitles: English

Awards: Silver Eye Award 2009 Nomination. Festival Selections: Locarno Film Festival 2009, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2009, IDFA, Docs for sale, FIPATEL Biarritz, Solothurn Film Festival 2010, Cinéma du reel Paris 2010, First Film Competition

A man returns to his homeland for a funeral. The bodies of his parents were discovered in a mass grave. Someone who returns home after twenty years is looking for answers. War, however, does not offer answers, it produces questions. The home he had left was lived in by other people and then abandoned. The walls of the house bear signs of violence, of memories. Looking at the rooms, the man searches for the meaning of the events. Memories overlap with the worn out images on an old video tape- the every day routine of a town that could have never fathomed war. In his own way, the man begins to question the meaning of the words home, roots, escape, war, exile, future and peace. He discovers that “maybe the only real truth is that my town has not changed, that it has stayed the same, waiting for me, without haste. Almost as if it knew that sooner or later I would have returned, to come to terms with the past.“