by Francesca Solari

35mm, 70', color, 2000

coproduction with ZDF

versions: Italian, French (v.o. with French and Italian subtitles)

subtitles: German, French

Nomination Prix du cinéma suisse

As a result of court proceedings the female narrator/protagonist/director is forced to relive the memories of her revolutionary past and conduct. In her efforts to defend a man caught up in the wheels of “mediatised” justice, she receives support from one of the old revolutionary leaders of that period, Oreste Scalzone. He continues to practise and defend the credo of those early days, obsessed by the need to keep their meanings free from betrayal and criticism. Reflecting on the past, the narrator goes back to the selfless way her father accepted her revolutionary stance and showed understanding, inspite of his suffering. Shortly before his unexpected death she suceeds in expressing her gratitude. In the mean time the idea of a film began to take shape. The bond with Giorgio Bellini, the man caught up in the court proceedings, has been strengthened by the desire to capture it on film. Memory can be used as a path to free the mind from the dead weight of old resentments, through the power of love…