by Alina Marazzi

HD / 35mm, color, 83’, 2012

coproduction with Mir Cinematografica, RSI-Radiotelevisione svizzera, Rai Cinema original

version: Italian

subtitles: English, French-German

World premiere 7th Rome International Film Festival - Cinema XXI competition Festival selections 7th Rome International Film Festival - Cinema XXI competition

Pauline (Charlotte Rampling) returns to Turin ‐ her place of birth ‐ for the first time after many years and gets in touch with Angela (Maria Grazia Mandruzzato), whom she had earlier met abroad and who now manages a Maternity Center. Here Pauline undertakes a research project on the experiences and problems of today's mothers, starting from the statements, videos, photographs collected by Angela. Among the mothers attending the Center there is Emma (Elena Radonicich), a young and elusive dancer in deep crisis: she doesn't know how to face the responsibilities demanded by motherhood and sees her life at a standstill. She feels alone and inept. Between the two women, a relationship of complicity develops, which in a play of reflections, will lead Pauline to come to terms with her own tragic past and allow Emma to discover a meaningful sense of self in her new identity as a mother.