by Raphaela Wagner


Original version swiss german with english and german subtitles

HD, color, 12′, 2021

in coproduction with SRG SSR

World Premiere: Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2021

St. Gallen, Switzerland, 1902.

Needles, yarn, embroidery – that’s all the 11-year-old working-class girl, EMMA, is supposed to care about… Instead she clutches a battered old violin case and, lured by her love for music, sneaks into the concert hall of JAKOB UHLER. Caught! Despite her violin missing two strings, she pleads with Uhler to let her play. In a deceitful plan, Jakob Uhler agrees and offers Emma the opportunity to play in his concert hall – because maybe a shameful performance will finally make the girl stay away. Desperate to find a replacement for her missing strings, Emma gets increasingly into trouble until even her violin’s remaining two string break. Emma’s dream of a self-determined future threatens to shatter forever.


Lona Böni, Pascal Ulli, Michèle Breu, Manuel Kühne, Norbert Böni, Philipp Langenegger, Michelle Graf