by Fulvio Bernasconi

Digital Beta , 81’, 2003

coproduction with TSI and ARTE

original version: Italian other versions: French, German

subtitles: French, English

Festival selections: Festival Tout Ecran Geneva, International competition; Bruxelles Film festival, Solothurn Film Festival

When Elena and her daughter Giorgia, a lively 8 year old, decide to go to Bosco Lais to visit a house inherited from an elderly aunt, they expect to find an idyllic mountain village. To their surprise they soon discover that people avoid them, seem afraid and want them to leave immediately. Elena is not intimidated, on the contrary, she wants to find out why this village is so hostile towards them. She discovers the existence of a sister an exact look-a-like Giorgia, who died when the dam was being built. A memory that the town's people have tried to forget but that their arrival has painfully brought back.