by Silvio Soldini

HD, color, 73’, 2016

coproduction with RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

original version: Italian

subtitles: English

Festival: Official Selection Biografilm Festival 2016, International Competition. Festival Della Mente di Sarzana

Alberto Casiraghi and Josef Weiss are true bibliophile artists. One in Osnago, the other in Mendrisio, they have been dedicating themselves for years to valuable editorial and typographical activities, still printing with mobile characters, preserving the memory of a perfect ingenuity made of manual skills and technique, but also of inventiveness and poetry. They seem to be living with their work, characterised by care, quality and beauty, in a world aside, far from the frenzy of contemporary society, a microcosm which persists and resists by virtue of the passion and pragmatism of a craft, of the breath of poetry. This encounter with these remarkable figures has become a declaration of love for thought and art.