by Martin Witz

35mm, color – b/w, 94’, 2007

coproduction with SSR SRG idée suisse, RTSI-Televisione svizzera, Teleclub AG

original version : German, French

subtitles : French, German, English

Premiere Locarno Film Festival 2007 - Ici & Ailleurs / Awards: Filmprize City of Zurich 2007, Nomination Prix Walo

DUTTI DER RIESE is the first film which focus in detail on the personality of the Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, the man who divided 20th century’s Swiss society: a convinced democrat - but with the temperament of a dictator - a visionary and at the same time a realistic and calculating person. A war profiteer in his youth, thereafter a humanist, a powerful popular orator and a social politician. Swiss patriot and convinced European, Robin Hood, attentive husband, fighter, grouser and player, he became - toward the end of his life - a dubitative spirit. The figure of Gottlieb Duttweiler is today much more topical than he could never have imagined in his crazier dreams.